Tobi Jackson
 FWISD Trustee, District 2

District 2 contains 16 schools ( 2 HS, 2 MS, 11 elementaries, and New Lives). The successes are many, and the need is supreme.  The work since May 2010, has focused on developing partnerships to serve our children and provide a return on investment for our citizens.  We are making progress, however, always welcome YOUR suggestions, YOUR assistance, and thank you in advance for reviewing the District 2 Goals, achievements, and vision!

District 2 Goals, Achievements, and Vision


  • Working with Fellow Trustee, Dr. T.A. Sims on THE MORNINGSIDE CHILDREN'S Partnership.                      
  • Partnership between Poly High School, OD Wyatt, and TCC to maximize student training in the field of Auto Service Technology.  Students will also receive dual credit at TCC South.
  • Partnership with Stewards of Children, Dr. Kathleen Powderly of Cooks, and Kim Rocha of The Tarrant Alliance for Children.  Thanks to the Justin Foundation and Cook Children's Healthcare System for their funding, which allows training for every teacher in the FWISD elementary schools on the detection of sexual abuse.  For each faculty member trained, ten children are better protected.  On 11 November, 2013, 170 faculty members were trained, thus, 2% of our population, or 1700 children are better protected, if indeed they cry out to a faculty member.   Currently, over 60% of our elementary school administrators and faculty are trained.   
  • The Care Closet at EHHS was established Fall 2013 and provides clothes, toiletries, and food to students who request assistance anonymously.  The Girls Inc chapter of EHHS runs the program, which allows these students to learn merchandising, inventory management, and empathy.  The project is overseen by the Director of Communications, Charles Hodges.                                                                                                                                       
  • Partnership with OD Wyatt Construction Program of Choice and The Care Closet Program of the Fort Worth Police Department.  OD Wyatt students will begin Poly HS Care Closet in early 2014!  Initial meeting is November 18, 2013 @ 830 am.           
  • Working to find funding for Commissioner Roy Brook's Program:  PROJECT HOPE for:                      William James Middle School and Meadowbrook Middle School  
  • Judge Sergio DeLeon and Judge Jamie Cummings (an EHHS alum) are bringing out students in to their courts as of Fall 2013.
  • Building a corporate sponsorship with Mitchell Blvd Elementary in process with The Greater Metropolitan Black Chamber of Commerce.
  • UNTHSC partnership with Forest Oak Middle School and Eastern Hills Elementary, termed Asthma 411, which allows emergent treatment of acute asthmatic episodes on campus is in process and fully funded.                                                                                

Development and Innovation:
  • Developing campus driven Programs of Choice at EHHS, Meadowbrook Middle School                                                               
  • Determining the utility of Abstract Cubism in the struggling mathematics student to improve critical thinking skills in mathematics via the utilization of art.   Ongoing work with Beverly Fletcher, Jo Dufo, and Lynn Hart.                                                                                                                                                                                          
  • Truancy court outcomes are assessed quarterly.
  • Beautification of buildings in District 2 is perpetual.
  • Review of all contracts to determine:  necessity and cost effectiveness.
  • Dedication of Park land at the crest of the Eastern Hills Complex Soccer Field, a joint project between the FWISD and City of Fort Worth is completed.  Now natural development is in process, begins January 2014.
  • Coordination of Law Firms at EHHS to support their School of Law
  • Develop a student response team on each District 2 campus to learn what our customers, the students deem high priority goals to improve their educational experience.  First meeting, William James MS, 22 November 2013 with Student Advisory Council.

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